Police Department


102 S Main Street
Greer, SC 29651



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Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Name Title Email Phone
Beaudin, Cpl. Jenna Project Safe Neighborhoods 864-479-0961
Williams, Det. Jordan Criminal Investigations 864-416-6608
Chambers, Cpl. Austin Patrol Delta Team 864-848-2164
Cooper, Sgt. Alex Patrol Delta Team 864-848-2164
Kimbler, Cpl. Michael Patrol Traffic Team 864-848-2164
Self, Tracey Victim / Witness Advocate 864-968-7051
Arterburn, Det. Dale Criminal Investigations 864-848-5354
Ballenger, Sgt. Randle Traffic Team 864-416-0114
Bash, Det. Jason Criminal Investigations 864-848-5351
Blackwell, Lt. Kara Operational Support 864-416-6614
Ferrell, Sgt. Mike Patrol Bravo Team 864-848-2145
Forrester, Sgt. Chris Criminal Investigations 864-416-6618
Fortenberry, Lt. Patrick Administration / PIO 864-801-2040
Godfrey, SRO Lisa SRO  
Hamby, Chief Matt Chief of Police 864-416-0098
Knapp, Hampton Corporal 864-848-2145
Montgomery, Det. Chris Vice / Narcotics Unit 864-848-5350
O'Shields, Sgt. Marcus Operational Support 864-848-5353
Pressley, Capt. Eric Professional Standards 864-848-2188
Richardson, Lt. Chad Uniform Patrol Commander 864-848-2156
Ruttgers, Scott Animal Control Officer 864-848-5363
Saunders, Sgt. Jon Patrol Charlie Team 864-848-2164
Sharratta, Sgt. Jim Training Officer 864-801-1149
Smith, Sgt. Jeff Community Outreach 864-968-7002
Varner, Lt. Cris Criminal Investigations 864-848-2197
Weibel, Meghan Victim / Witness Advocate 864-416-0095
Wilson, Sgt. Roman Patrol Alpha Team 864-848-2145
Wright, Sgt. Ashley Operational Support 864-416-0094
Galli, SRO Joel SRO 864-355-7514
Prino, Det. Brandon Criminal Investigations 864-968-7018
Stacy, Ashley Property and Evidence 864-416-0096
Wingard, Cpl. Brian Vice/Narcotics unit 864-848-5350
Bannister, Cpl. Matthew Patrol Charlie Team 864-848-2164
Melton, Cpl. Sarah Patrol Alpha Team 864-848-2145

Detention Center 

102 S Main Street
Greer, SC 29651

Link: Detention Center Page

24 Hour Contact Number: 864-848-5358