Business Crime & Employee Theft

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Small businesses are hit hard because they lack adequate security controls and are easier to prey upon than larger businesses which have loss controls in place.

Crimes against businesses are crimes of opportunity. If the opportunity is reduced, the business loss will be minimized.

Business owners should make it difficult, risky and unrewarding for theft to occur.

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Tips to reduce risk to businesses

  • Monitor cash register activities to assure proper operation.
  • Separate operations from accounting; double check all transactions.
  • Keep an accurate inventory system that is checked regularly by someone other than the person responsible for it.
  • Keep accurate records on movements of cash and goods from the time they enter your business until they leave.
  • Monitor business activity and income patterns over time to see if income has dropped during any particular situation.
  • Do not allow employees to handle any transactions or sales to themselves, close friends or family.
  • Establish a very clear employee discount and fringe benefit policy.
  • Limit access to valuables; use strict key control for access to business premises, store rooms, and display areas.
  • Employees’ personal belongings should be in a safe place with limited access, away from concealable merchandise.
  • Search trash regularly to prevent merchandise from being carried out in it; flatten boxes to eliminate hiding merchandise.
  • Have employees park away from the building to reduce access to personal vehicles where goods may be hidden. If employees purchase merchandise have them immediately place the items in their vehicle.
  • Sign all tools and equipment in and out.
  • Limit the number of exits and monitor employees to make it difficult to carry merchandise out.
  • Lock screens over outside openings through which goods can be passed.
  • Monitor shipping to assure that merchandise is leaving legitimately and being shipped to the appropriate address.
  • Reward employees who discover and report security problems.
  • Deal with dishonesty swiftly, firmly, and visibly: rules mean little if not enforced!
  • Install security cameras.