Demolition Permit

Please log into eTrakit to apply for a Building Residential Demolition permit. Listed below are the City of Greer requirements.

  • Please provide all utility disconnect letters.
  • If a septic tank is present, please have the contractor that is pumping out the tank provide a trip ticket for proper disposal before the tank is removed. A plumbing permit will be required.
  • If a well is present, please have a South Carolina certified well driller apply for a plumbing permit to abandon the well.
  • Please provide proof that the property taxes have been paid.
  • If the structure is being torn down for a larger project (i.e. commercial building or residential neighborhood), you will be required to have it surveyed for asbestos. If asbestos is present, please submit the DHEC Asbestos Abatement letter as well as the DHEC Notice of Demolition letter.
  • If the property is in the historic district, it will require zoning approval.
  • A SC LLR license is not required, however you must obtain a City of Greer business license.
  • The demolition contractor is responsible for any damage to roads or sidewalks. Please post the yellow permit card at the job site and call for final inspections.