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Art Studio Space Available Soon! Applications due March 27, 2023


We have one studio that will be available very soon!

Become an artist in residence at the City of Greer Center for the Arts! Studio spaces range from 95 to 160 square-feet, are climate controlled and offer 24-hour key card access. Enjoy free Wi-Fi, a rotating on-site exhibit area, access to a breakroom-kitchen and a co-op of artists to work with. Monthly rent ranges from $75 to $145, depending on studio size. Leases are on a 6-month basis. Please email applications to by end of day on March 27, 2023.

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The Greer Center for the Arts is a multi-purpose Arts facility, featuring seven art studios for working artists.


Blaine Owens Headshot
Table Rock, Blaine Owens Photography

Blaine Owens

Photographer, Studio 7

Blaine Owens was born and raised in Greenville. He is a professional photographer with over 30 years of experience. As a member of the South Carolina Professional Photographer’s Association, he has won multiple awards for both his portrait and his landscape images. He is a recipient of The Masterpiece Award, the highest award presented by the Fujifilm Corporation. Blaine markets his work as wall décor. His work has been purchased by hundreds of homeowners and his images also adorn the walls of  many local businesses, international corporations, and government agencies.

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Christina Laurel

Mixed Media Artist, Studio 6

Christina Laurel is an installation artist working in paper. Laurel’s installations include: December 2020 - May 2021 “Refugium” Appalachian State University/Turchin Center for the Visual Arts; 2018 Aiken Center for the Arts; 2017 “Paper Worlds” exhibition at Spartanburg Art Museum; 2016 Greenville Technical College/Riverworks Gallery; 2011 Rochester Contemporary, Rochester, NY; and 2011 Red House Arts Center, Syracuse, NY.

 Laurel’s 2-D art evokes a Japanese aesthetic, including two series exhibited in Greer City Hall, July - October 2020: “Edo Influence” and “Remnants,” as well as her “Survivor” series at the Greer Arts Center’s grand opening, September 2019. Laurel has participated in artist residencies from 2014 - 2017. She is a 2014 grant recipient from Greenville’s Metropolitan Arts Council, and a 2011 Strategic Opportunity Stipend (NYFA/NYSCA) recipient, Rochester, NY.
The artist originally studied fashion design at Cornell University, then fine art at the University of Maryland and SUNY Brockport, earning a BS Studio Art in 2009.

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Christina Laurel Headshot
Artwork Titled Survivor #20
Jennie Kim Headshot

Jennie Kim
Painter & Illustrator,  Studio 4

Jennie is an artist and children's book illustrator who works in Asian black ink, colored pencils, watercolors, and acrylic paint. She majored in literature writing in college and is especially interested in fairy tales and poetry. She is also interested in conceptualizing Buddhist Zen and traditional oriental philosophy in her paintings.

When Jennie was young, she really liked reading books and drawing. It was her small happiness. Her parents were Cloisonné artists so she began making little Cloisonné artworks at a young age. Now, Jennie is an initiate of Cloisoo and the owner of Cloisoo USA. She is busy but always tries to keep herself peaceful by going to the mountain and drinking Korean traditional tea. She wants to show small, beautiful things she feels to many children through writing and painting.

Angie Bryant

Painter, Studio 1

Angie was born in Seneca, SC, but she and her husband, Cevin, have called the Greer area home for the last 26 years. She is the mother of 3. Angie is now an empty nester and enjoys spending her time rediscovering her love of painting. 

A graduate of Lander University, Angie has spent most of her life in education. While her own children were young, she taught K4 for 9 years at Memorial United Methodist Church In 2006, Angie returned to the art room full time. She was the art teacher at Skyland Elementary for many years and was awarded Skyland’s Teacher of the Year in 2014. Angie was chosen as a grant recipient of the Greer Education Foundation in both 2015 and 2016. 

Angie is the former owner of Aerie Lane Greer, a craft workshop and event space. Since closing her business, Angie has spent her time focusing on her own creations. 


Cecily Witcher

Accessory Artist and Photographer, Studio 2

Born in Anderson SC, Cecily self describes as a visual artist, public speaker and world traveler. Cecily exudes an undeniable flow and taps into her personal storehouse of magic. Her bright carefree demeanor radiates lightning on canvas, dream catchers or any medium she chooses to work with. Vibrantly, she takes her butterfly art to new higher levels daily. Her work is texturally imaginative, raw and playful offering her audience a refreshing perspective. With more than 18 years of experience, Cecily has worked with such organizations and brands as Patricia Field, Sean Puffy Combs & NBC. Ms. Witcher’s work has been spotlighted on television show Younger and in various magazines as well as several New York galleries and boutiques. Cecily continues to explore the many techniques and styles of art in each of her pieces where she uses many color combinations and mediums to express the mood and moods of her subject matters. 

ShAy Black

Painter, Studio 3

ShAy is a visual artist and poet who stands for justice for all. Her artwork explores black people and the marks they make on the world, how they are respected as people, and the beauty they bring into the world. ShAy has been interested in black art since her journey as an artist began in 2004. She uses her voice, through her paintings for men and women of color in a world that doesn’t share the spectrum of equity or equality across the board.

ShAy’s paintings are very specific to what’s going in the world. She is not interested in just producing a pretty picture, instead wanting to create honest dialogue and emotions. The vulnerability in ShAy’s paintings are always in the eyes; They speak volumes and create uncomfortable emotions. Her process revolves around emotions in the fear of losing another black son in a sometimes unsympathetic world.

ShAy’s work centers on a common theme: black strength and hope. The paintings here represent her ideal of men and women of color fighting for justice, strength, solidarity, and injustice. These images were created while serving her last tour overseas with the United States Army. Her voice while serving is sometimes limited but her paintings give her the freedom to speak her truth. The flow in her content is very upfront and intentional. ShAy chooses to make this type of work because if not her, then who?

ShAy Black headshot
ShAy Black Artwork
Becka Rodgers
Becka Rodgers Artwork

Becka Rodgers

Photographer, Studio 5

Becka is a very different portrait photographer than the kind you may have previously worked with. She feels strongly that the best way to serve her clients is to give them a full-service experience that delivers a finished work of art from their portrait session. She specializes in creating custom artwork for people’s walls, so clients come to her for help decorating their homes with unique and beautiful pieces. She freezes time with her camera and creates one of a kind works that give you goosebumps. The right piece of portrait art can go beyond chronicling a family’s life, to filling a room with personality and warmth, and turning a house into a home. The artwork you create with Becka will outlast the couch it resides above, will be cherished for a lifetime, and passed down for generations.

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