Pre-Trial Intervention

What is Pre–Trial Intervention?

Pre–Trial Intervention is a diversion program for first time non-violent criminal offenders. The program requires the participant to perform community service work, receive individual or group counseling, and pay restitution to the victim if applicable. If the participant successfully completes the program, the charge(s) will be dismissed and the participant is eligible to apply for an expungement of the charge(s). An individual may participate in the program only once.

You must receive a referral from this Court in order to apply.  This will be filled out before you leave court on your scheduled court date. You will be given a deadline to apply to PTI. 

Applying for Pre–Trial Intervention

Applications are accepted Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. until Noon and 2 p.m. until 4 p.m. All applications must be made in person. You must present all of the items listed below at the time of application: 

  • Picture Identification. You must present current picture identification. The following are acceptable forms of identification: driver’s license, driver’s permit, passport, state identification, school identification, or work identification.
  • Social Security Card. If you do not have your social security card, you will need to contact the Social Security Administration to apply for a new card. Please ask for a print out that will verify your name and social security number. The nearest Social Security Administration Offices are located at 319 Pelham Road in Greenville and 3420 Clemson Blvd. in Anderson. Office hours at both locations are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m.
  • Warrant or Ticket. For charges in Magistrate or Municipal Court, you will need to contact the court for a copy of the warrant or ticket. For charges in General Sessions, you will need to notify the receptionist at the time of application that you do not have the ticket or the warrant. Your application can not be processed without a copy of the ticket or warrant. If you received a referral form from Magistrate or Municipal Court, you must present the referral form at the time of application.
  • Payment. A money order or cashier’s check in the amount of $100.  Cash, personal checks or credit cards are not accepted.

Please the Office of the Solicitor, Thirteenth Judicial Circuit with any specific questions about this program.

Thirteenth Circuit
Solicitor's Diversion Program
350 Halton Rd., Suite 301
Greenville, SC 29607