Housing Authority


  • T. J. Terrell
  • Rick Danner
  • Perry Dennis
  • Flora Jones
  • Alison Rauch
  • Cynthia Green

About the Housing Authority

Members of this commission serve as the governing officers of a public-corporate entity that functions as a developer and landlord of local low-income housing programs. Their role is similar to that of the members of the board of directors of a private corporation. Among their principal responsibilities are:

  • Adopting operating budgets
  • Ensuring (through independent reviews and audits) that the public housing authority operates within the law and according to HUD regulations, taking into consideration the economy and efficiency of operations
  • Establishing policies to prevent fraud, abuse, mismanagement and discrimination, and to ensure that the public housing authority acts legally and with integrity in its daily operations
  • Hiring a qualified executive director to manage day-to-day operations
  • Obtaining and managing monies to support the authority
  • Providing leadership and advocacy for public housing
  • Setting policies governing the operations of the public housing authority and charting the direction of current and future programs