The City of Greer requires a permit for roof replacement. The permit allows us to verify that the contractor is properly licensed and protects the homeowner should they have any problems with the workmanship in the future.

  • Please go to eTrakit and apply for a Building Residential Reroof permit.
  • LLR requires that the contractor hold a Specialty Roofing License, Residential Homebuilders License or General Contractors License. If the work is more than $5,000 they must be bonded for that amount.
  • If a homeowner wishes to re-roof their home, they can apply for the permit but must complete a Homeowner’s Disclosure Form (PDF), file it with the corresponding county office and provide proof of primary residency (i.e. driver’s license showing that address and a copy of a utility bill).
  • Rental Property requires the same licensing as above. The homeowner can not apply for the permit unless it is their primary residence.
  • Final inspections are required. If the roof sheathing or framing is damaged and has to be replaced, an inspection needs to be done before the work is covered.
  • The value of work is based on the fair market value for labor and materials.
  • Please Note: The City of Greer has the right to request a copy of your contract with the customer.