Retaining Wall & Fencing

Retaining Walls

Please use this checklist to ensure that all necessary paperwork is submitted for plan review, permitting and inspections for retaining walls.

♦ Please log in to eTrakit and apply for a Plan Review permit. Once your plans are approved, you will receive an email to log in and apply for the Building Commercial Retaining Wall permit.

♦ If wall is greater than 4’ in height (measured from the bottom of the footing) or if it is supporting a surcharge or impounding Class I, II, or IIIA liquid, whether site-built or modular, must be designed by a Registered South Carolina Professional Engineer.

♦ Submit a Site Plan ‐ Show location of all retaining walls on site.

♦ For MSE Walls, the site plan must reflect any potential interruptions/obstructions and/or penetrations to the geogrid. Example: Guardrails, Landscaping, Drains etc.

♦ Structural drawings and details:  Guardrail detail, Top and bottom of wall elevations, footing elevations, all structural details, materials, dimensions, reinforcements, drainage methods for hydrostatic pressure, concrete design strength, slope of finishes grade, backfill materials, soil bearing pressure, etc.

♦ The plan must reflect any special restrictions of work around the wall such as heavy equipment, trenching, etc.

♦ The City of Greer reserves the right to require pedestrian and/or vehicular guardrails. Details from the engineer will be required.

♦ Before the building permit can be issued the owner of the project must retain the services of a special inspection agency to conduct third party inspections of the wall construction.  This agency will need to submit a “Statement of Special Inspections” (City of Greer Special Inspections 2018 IBC) to the Building Official for approval.  This statement should include the name, license number and qualifications of those performing these services. Daily inspection reports will need to be kept on the job site at all times.  The Building Official will need to be notified of any discrepancies. The third party agency is required to submit a “Final Statement of Inspections" to the Building Official at the completion of the job.  

♦ After approval of the retaining wall plans, a Building Permit must be obtained by a properly licensed contractor.

♦ During construction of MSE Walls, a “third party” South Carolina licensed “Special Inspector” shall inspect the work at prescribed stages and certify that the construction complies with the approved plans and building code. A final report of special inspections is required to be submitted to the Building Official prior to a Certificate of Completion being issued.

♦ License Requirement – A City of Greer Business License is required (Business License Information Sheet), Contractor must be properly licensed with LLR.  For MSE Walls, a General Contractor with a Building Classification (BD) is required. For Poured in Place Walls, a General Contractor with a Concrete Classification (CT) is required.

♦ During construction of a poured in place wall, the City of Greer must inspect the setback requirements, foundations and all wall pours.  This is in addition to third party inspections. A final report of special inspections is required to be submitted to the Building Official prior to a Certificate of Completion being issued. 

♦ All walls must be permitted prior to the Grading permit being issued.  All walls must receive final inspection approval before other construction permits will be issued.


  • Please log in to eTrakit and apply for a Building Residential or Building Commercial Fence permit. Upload a site plan along with fence details.