City of Greer Fire Department Responses:

  1. Stroke/TIA

    100 Moore St GREER

  2. Breathing Problems

    The Phoenix at Greer / 715 S Buncombe Rd GREER

  3. Breathing Problems

    Murphy Usa On E Wade Hampton Blvd / 14065 E Wade Hampton Blvd GREER

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  1. Josh Holzheimer

    Deputy Chief of Operations


The City of Greer Fire Department maintains three battalions with twelve personnel per battalion (shift). These twelve personnel operate four companies. Each shift is overseen by a Battalion Chief. The shifts staff 3 Engine Companies and 1 Rescue Company. Each company consists of a Lieutenant, Engineer and 1 or 2 firefighters (depending on staffing levels). 

Engine 41

Engine 42

Engine 56

Rescue 41

Battalion 41

  1. Colby Means

    "A Shift" Battalion Chief

  2. Paul Brown

    "B" Shift Battalion Chief

  3. Chuck McConnell

    "C" Shift Battalion Chief