How To Apply For A Certificate of Occupancy

1.  Visit Make sure the drop down box next to 'Log In' says PUBLIC.  Click 'Setup an Account'.  On the 'Create New Public Account' page fill in the pertinent information.  Click 'Create Account'.  

2. Check your email for a verification email.  Open the email and click 'CONFIRM'.  You should see 'Account Verified. Proceed with the Login'.

3.Go back to the top of the page.  Make sure next to 'Log In' you see the word 'PUBLIC' showing in the drop down box.  Enter your username and password that you created and click 'LOGIN'.   

4. On the next page under 'PUBLIC LOGIN' enter your username and password.

5. Please read all of the information on the 'Permit Application Confirmation' page.  At the bottom of the page click 'I Agree' or I Disagree and click 'CONTINUE'.  

6. On the 'Permit Application' page fill in all pertinent information.  When you are asked for a job value enter '0'.  When asked what your relation is to this permit choose 'property owner' instead of 'contractor'.  If  you need to upload any documents please do so in the 'attachments' section.  If not, click to go to the next page.  

7. On the next page make sure all information is correct and edit if necessary.  Click 'Next Step'.  

8. The next page will show all of the information for your permit including the fee of $94.  If  you need to edit anything click on the 'edit' button and edit the information before proceeding to the next step.  

9. Choose 'Add to Shopping Cart'. On the 'Shopping Cart' page, click 'Proceed to Checkout'.  On the 'Checkout Summary' page choose your payment method.  When the 'City of Greer Secure Payment Form' page appears, enter all of the payment information, make sure you click the box next to 'I am human', and then process your payment.