Trash / Debris Collection
The City of Greer provides rollout containers (green carts with "City of Greer" stamped on them) to residents for the storage and disposal of household garbage only.  The city contracts with ACE Environmental Inc. to collect this garbage curbside once per week from every city residence on an arranged schedule Monday through Wednesday.  If you do not know the day on which your garbage is to be collected, please refer to the Trash Collection Schedule page.

Inclement weather or major holidays may occasionally force the weekly schedule to be altered, but every effort is made to reschedule collection for that week.  Should this happen, notice of the new schedule will be posted to the City of Greer website, Charter Cable Channel 15, and (in the event of holidays) through local news media.

If you move, please leave the rollout and recycling container at the residence and call the Public Services Department at (864) 848-2184 so that it may be collected.  The City of Greer maintains ownership of the containers.

Any resident who is physically unable to place the container at the curb will receive "at the house" service.  The resident must provide proof that he or she is incapable of transporting the container and that no able-bodied person capable of doing so lives at the residence. Any resident who requires this service should call the Public Services Department.

The following tips will help ensure uninterrupted trash collection and will extend the life of your rollout container:
  1. Do not place yard waste (soil, sod, grass, leaves, clippings, limbs, etc.) in the rollout container.

  2. Do not place: poisons, combustive or construction materials (concrete, lumber, bricks, etc.), acids, caustics, petroleum based products and other dangerous materials in the rollout container.

  3. Caring for  the rollout container is the responsibility of the resident.  It should be rinsed occasionally (both inside and out)with a hose and allowed to dry before adding trash.  When the container is holding trash, keep the top closed to prevent water from pooling inside.  On non-collection days, store the container beside or behind your house, ideally in an enclosure.

  4. On your weekly collection day, place the container along the curb (but not in the street) no later than 7 a.m. (but no earlier than 7:30 p.m. the night before).  Containers should be removed, cleaned (if needed), and stored by 7:30 p.m. on collection day.

  5. Make sure the front of the container faces the street (hinges and wheels should face the house) and the entire container is clear of such objects as fences, mailboxes, vehicles, etc.

  6. Immediately report damaged or stolen containers to the Public Services Department.  The resident shall be required to pay the cost of repair or replacement of any container which is damaged or worn out unless the damage is the result of the actions of city collection personnel.

Yard Debris

Please note that any contractor working for a city resident is responsible for collecting and removing debris from that project. Trees that are cut, topped, or removed must be cleaned up and removed by the homeowner. Soil, sod, and other excavated material will not be collected.

Grass, leaves (except during fall leaf collection), and small hedge trimmings must be bagged for collection.  Debris may be place in readily available lawn and leaf bags with a capacity of no more than 39 gallons.

A limited quantity (up to an amount equal to that of a pickup truck bed) of tree limbs and bush trimmings will be collected curbside at any residence on a weekly basis.  Materials should be piled as neatly as possible along the curb or edge of the street, preferably with all cut ends laid in the same direction. Limbs must be no larger than six (6) feet in length and six (6) inches in diameter.

Leaf Collection

The City of Greer operates vehicles on a seasonal basis to collect loose leaf piles. For more information, head to our Loose Leaf Collection page.


Please visit the City of Greer Recycling page for complete information about curbside collection of recyclables.