Stormwater Program

Anthony Copeland

Anthony Copeland
Stormwater Inspector
(864) 416-0100

The City of Greer's Stormwater Management Program falls under the responsibility of the City Engineering division of the Building and Development Standards Department.

The Stormwater Management Program staff works with other city departments and government agencies to protect our waterways from storm water pollutants that may be generated by construction sites, industrial emissions, or other means.  Staff members also respond to citizen concerns about drainage.

Because all runoff cannot be captured and treated like sewage, the best way to ensure cleaner water is to prevent runoff from ever becoming polluted.  The City of Greer relies on strong storm water ordinances and a diligent staff to accomplish this goal.  By educating the public, managing construction sites, and inspecting industrial facilities, the City of Greer’s stormwater team is working to protect the quality of our water for generations to come.

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